Plastic inventory 1-16-12

Daily walk plastic inventory 1-16-12:

dirty plastic pouch about 12” by 12” imprinted with tiny raised diamond shapes, called FoodSaver ®Patent/Brevet/Patente: Canada 1,315,746 JPU A

400mL (13.5 FL OZ) bottle of Simply Lemonade ALL NATURAL Best if used by Jan 25 12 AM7 K 16:27 LEM Shake Well, with an outsized green cap, 11% LEMON JUICE Very Low Sodium PASTEURIZED PLEASE RECYCLE PRODUCED FOR SIMPLY ORANGE JUICE COMPANY APOPKA, FL 32703 U.S.A.

½ white foam packing peanut

light blue plastic wisp, from a bag, which are often thinner than a human hair (check)

very clean, white, water logged cigarette butt (check plastic content)

a light blue scrap with a fuzzy layer inside, perhaps scrap of diaper or menstrual pad

white juice box straw with one end angled for stabbing the box

small blue and white striped drink straw/stir

white plastic fork still in partway inside its clear plastic packaging gleaming on the sidewalk in rare Portland winter slash of sun

scrap of blue balloon with the rubberband handle at the bottom, which makes me realize this is a scrap of balloon we bought for the kids to play with at our new years party, the kind you blow up and then use the handle to punch back and forth

in our yard an ugly, curved shard of gray plastic, perhaps from a plant pot

cellophane cigarette wrapper with words printed in a silver band across it: ut this cigarette, packaging, or color should be interpreted to mean safer. Nothing about this cigarette, packaging

tiny green cap with a little tab sticking off it

water bottle cap

three unidentified clear wisps

a little rectangle with a bubble on one end that says REFRESH PLUS® Lubricant Eye Drops Aller(unreadable) Irvine, CA 92612

white, very solid-feeling ball about the size of a tennis ball that says BRINE MADE IN TAIWAN MEETS NCAA SPECS


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