Plastic inventory 1-19-12

Plastic catalog 1-19-12, 7657 SE Stephens St. to Mt. Tabor

Maybe I’ll say I don’t go out of my way to pick up plastic. I don’t even cross the street. I just find whatever is in my path.

white lighter missing flint

clear squarish package that says “please keep away from hair” in blue letters on a yellow circle and TRY ME PRESS MY NOSE in white on a hot pink background with a clearance tag (red) $6.64.

black circular object (lid?)

circular package wrap with “technology that works for youTM
For permanent and critical repairs • All-weather” in French and Spanish also

clear bag Naturally Preferred in green cursive letters

46 Fl. Oz. V8 VFusion bottle: A concord grape and raspberry flavored beverage blend of 7 vegetable and fruit juices from concentrate with other natural flavors and added ingredients

two white shards

pinkish hair band

flat water bottle

white circular seal for perhaps a food container

very worn out dirty scrap of CAUTION tape

clear straw




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