plastic 1-23-12

Plastic catalog 1-23-12, 7657 SE Stephens St. to Mt. Tabor

A flock of rubber bands is migrating through the neighborhood. Six on Saturday and six more today. I find them scattered in different places.

white solo coffee lid

black coffee lid, crushed

two white packing peanuts, different styles

one small chunk of Styrofoam, stuck in the entrance of some creature’s hole at the edge of a lawn


one soda bottle cap

one water bottle cap

forest green shard

small bright green shard

forest green shard that says AS/OIL OR:

tuft of cellophane tied with a silver twist tie

black PAPER MATE Eraser Mate in good shape

white circular mystery bit

small grey mystery ring

packet of Bellissimo CRUSHED RED PEPPER ideal for pizza, pasta, soup, chili, Mexican & Italian dishes. Ingredients: crushed red pepper distributed by Bellisimo Foods HOUSTON, TX 77025 (800) 813-2974


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