plastic 1-30-12

Plastic catalog 1-30-12, 7657 SE Stephens St. to Mt. Tabor

I walked to the bus stop at 76th Ave. and Division and back today, so I got an extra large collection:

CORN NUT The Ultimate Crunch! Package Nacho flavored with photos of corn nuts ENLARGED TO SHOW DETAIL

Taco Bell cup Sip. Scan. Score. Something about ESPN and football

white plastic fork

clear plastic fork

Dirty Barbie doll leg, wedged at the edge of the storm drain. I can hear water running and a distinct smell of sewage wafts.

tiny plastic Ziploc bag

About eight rubber bands, all gathered together near the curb. But one at least has been there a while; the weeds have grown over it so I have to tug a little.

one soda bottle cap

one water bottle cap

one little green candy wrapper Classic series with a picture of kiwi and Chinese characters

red straw

strip that says ARTISAN WRAPS MADE WITH NO ADDITIVES OR PRESERVATIVES in white on brown background

blue pen, barrel shredded

blue pen in two pieces

strip of orange tape

pink hair band

unidentified thick black square

White Cat cigarillo Black wrapper with a picture of a hissing white cat. THESE CIGARS ARE PREDOMINANTLY NATURAL TOBACCO WITH NON-TOBACCO INGREDIENTS ADDED

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