Valentine’s Day = exotic water!

Plastic catalog, in which I collect all the plastic I find in my daily half-mile walk from my home in Southeast Portland, Oregon, to the dog park at Mount Tabor.


bottle of FIJI NATURAL ARTESIAN WATER What ecosystem is your water from? The purest water comes from the purest clouds. Our rainfall is purified by trade winds as it travels across the Pacific Ocean to the islands of Fiji (helpful map with wavy arrows for illustration). A continent away from acid rain and other pollutants, FIJI Water is preserved and protected by one of the last virgin ecosystems on Earth.

solo cup lid

Bic WITH ADJUSTABLE FLAME package fragment featuring the Bic boy logo


unidentified green rubbery thing with holes

razor cover

fragment of greenish florist’s foam

very dirty ziploc bag

fast food soda lid

bag for Oregonian newspaper

skinny orange cord

rubber band and rubber band fragment

soda bottle lid

lucerne since 1904 light sour cream WITH NATURAL FLAVORS 16 oz jar

half gallon orange juice bottle

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