the parachute

Plastic catalog, in which I collect all the plastic I find in my daily half-mile walk from my home in Southeast Portland, Oregon, to the dog park at Mount Tabor.


Did I mention the more it rains the more disgusting the plastic gets? Today’s list includes the dirty, skin-colored parachute that perhaps was attached to the hot pink parachute soldier I found back on 2-5.

two fast food lids, different sizes

two fast food straws, one straw fragment

Oatmeal ‘n Raisin Cookies wrapper

Hostess Cakes wrapper fragment Extra Chocolaty!

unidentified yellow fragment

Grey fragment from my recycle bin handle, which the collection people broke off, and then I ran over it with my car. I know I didn’t get all the pieces. Some probably washed down the storm drain a few feet over. From there, I suppose, to the Willamette River to the Columbia, then the ocean.

wrapper for topps NBA Basketball 2009-10 card pack

three packing peanut fragments

one very dirty pink ribbon

DUM DUM wrapper, cream soda flavored

corner from pink package of something strawberry, ARTIFICIALLY FLAVORED by Kellogg’s

rubber band, broken

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