2-21-12 plastic-wrapped air

Plastic catalog, in which I collect all the plastic I find in my daily half-mile walk from my home in Southeast Portland, Oregon, to the dog park at Mount Tabor.

Today’s plastic catalog features the AIRplus® by STOROpack, packing material that consists of plastic chambers filled with air. By now the air has gone. I wonder how far it traveled and where it came from. The packing contains some icons that seem to indicate that it should not be used for flotation, as a pillow for a baby, or as a baby’s toy.

Oscar Mayer CLASSIC Beef Franks package No Artificial Flavors, Colors, Fillers or By-Products

curl of black sheeting

white wrapper for perhaps a popsicle

red fragment with serrations

tag for primrose Primula acaulis grown by the IWASAKI BROS. INC. of Hillsboro, OR, partial shade use in borders or pots


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