3-18-12 Washaway beach

Washaway Beach, WA, which has has been losing 100 feet of coast per year for a century, is known for the massive logs and driftwood tossed up by the area’s strong circular current. That means plastic, too. I picked up these bits on the approach to the beach, a few hundred yards from the shore.


Versions of the pastel green cylinder near the bottom center were everywhere. It may be an oyster spacer. There are many oyster farms on this coast. The orange tag next door is from a crab pot that belonged to the fishing vessel MISS EMILY. All crab pot tags have to have a fishing vessel name and a phone number. This one has area code 360, which covers lots of Washington state. I’ll call and try to find out when and where it was lost. A number of these tags from Washington and Oregon wash up on Noni’s beach in Hawaii.

When I came over the rise to the tide line, I knew I had to stop collecting plastic. There was just too much. Instead I took some pictures. We did remove the large foam chunks that may be tsunami debris, and the plastic garbage can.

Notice the tiny bits of microplastic.

Foam packed inside tire, with beach grass.

Jen dragged a net up above the tideline (our dog Quincy thought that was exciting).


2 thoughts on “3-18-12 Washaway beach

  1. Thanks for writing about my beach. I say “my” beach because I, along with a number of undaunted beachlovers, call Washaway Beach home. Its a changing, challenging and choatic place.

  2. Resha: You live in a beautiful place. Did you get to see Curt Ebbesmeyer when he was in town by chance? He gave an interesting presentation on tsunami debris. Do you know what those little plastic cylinders are? Are they oyster spacers? Thanks for writing!

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