4-13-12 World Class. Ultimate.

Plastic catalog, in which I collect all the plastic I find in the half-mile between my home in Southeast Portland, Oregon, and the dog park at Mount Tabor.

WORLD CLASS ULTIMATE Frisbee 175G, broken in two

SWISHER SWEETS wrapper SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: Tobacco Use Increases The Risk Of Infertility, Stillbirth, And Low Birth Weight

crushed water bottle

old green outlet cap

Soothing Cooling Refreshing BURT’S BEES BEESWAX LIP BALM cartridge

purple hook thing

SUBWAY straw still in wrapper

water bottle cap

orange cap ring

SOLO coffee cup lid (this guy is obsessed with the design of the coffee lid)

unidentified white fragment lying in the vegetable garden just outside my door

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