4-23-12 flammable ping pong balls

A little plastic, collected in and near the school yard on the corner:

one-half SPORTCRAFT® ping pong ball MADE IN CHINA. For more than a century, ping pong balls have been made of celluloid, the earliest form of synthetic plastic, created not from petroleum but nitrated cotton. They will supposedly catch fire pretty easily, which was one of the drawbacks of celluloid for wide use.



Skittles FunSize® wrapper featuring a winking rabbit in pink pants and a yellow shirt wearing head phones and carrying an ipod-like music player

unidentified faded pink fragment

unidentified blue fragment

Caramel Apple Pops wrapper Green Apple Candy with Chewy Caramel!


AIRHEADS® wrapper. AIRHEADS is a trademark of Pefetti Van Melle Benelux, B.V.

salmon colored bit of netting









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