8-27-12: A path for M&M’s to the ocean

Sometimes Quincy helps me pick up plastic

clear straw

soda lid

orange lid

clear lid

bottle cap sealing ring

dirty square of styrofoam

clear packaging

clear tube packaging

green lighter

green stake

orange pen ParkView Chriopractice Center “It’s your future … be there healthy!”

EMERALD Harmony Triple Chocolate PREMIUM TRAIL MIX

milk carton with a hole cut in the side

red toy telescope with focus ring embedded in cylindrical spotted dog body (doesn’t really focus, but the lens does magnify)

orange tube for M&M’s® minis chocolate candies

Sometimes I wonder how trash from land really gets into the ocean for animals like albatross to pick up. Perhaps a case in point: I picked up the M&Ms tube from the edge of a fast-flowing stream at the bottom of Bridal Veil Falls in the Columbia Gorge. The stream runs into the Columbia River, just out of sight, which runs into the ocean. Many visitors tramp over the trail to Bridal Veil, some dribbling plastic trash in their path. Given that something like this tube containing M&M’s probably lasts for a few centuries, it’s easier to imagine the effect times hundreds of thousands of visitors times many years.

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