10/9/13 our white pure friends


GLACÉAU smartwater® bottle smashed flat partly scraped off text … why we copied our white pure friends by creating smartwater® smartwater® is vapor distilled so it’s in its purest original state but we don’t stop there. we one-up the clouds by adding electrolytes. it’s a difference you can taste…unless, of course, you prefer the taste of stuff that comes from underground … like spring water (then you’re on your own).

BROKeR’s® Reserve American Blended Whiskey 40% ALC/VOL A DISTINCTIVE BLENDED WHISKEY SMOOTH IN CHARACTER square-shouldered clear bottle also smashed flat

clear bag Trellis Earth Products Inc. http://www.trellisearth.com This bag contains natural, bioLOGICAL ingredients, and Earth-friendly polymers. WARNING: TO AVOID DANGER OF SUFFOCATION, KEEP THIS PLASTIC BAG AWAY FROM BABIES AND CHILDREN. DO NOT USE THIS BAG IN CRIBS, CARRIAGES, OR PLAYPENS.

white fork Trellis Earth showing lots of wear


white foam block part worn off showing individual little foam bubbles

fat straw, white

SWISHER SWEETS® powder blue wrapper (half)

clear bottle cap

little juice straw, dirty

fat straw, white

wrapper fragment WWW.JOVYCANDY.COM ©2009 TRIUNFO MEX, INC.

two butterfly barretts, one pastel purple with checkered wings and a pink body, antennae broken off, one pastel green with a purple body, glitter spots on its wings

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