plastic I collect on my daily walk


Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Shakes & Malts™ cup, disembodied hand with scoop of ice cream emerging from sunburst, somewhat threatening, yellow star smiling outlined in red® ©2011 CXE Restaurants, Inc.

Tootsie Roll® POP ARTIFICIAL CHERRY red wrapper cartoon of kid with fishing pole, boy playing with model airplane, ice skating girl, two surfers, boy and girl, boy swimming, kid tossing a football, back to us, two girls roller skating, a boy and girl grasping a flag and kind of bowing, boy cut off at the neck with headdress aiming an arrow at a star TOOTSIE ROLL INDUSTRIES, INC. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS MADE IN U.S.

LEAVE WORRY BEHIND jiffy lube® sticker 150568 MILES 12/2/2013 OR-491GQF PENZ 530

smashed ORGANIC BABY SPINACH 5 0z. box INGREDIENTS: organic baby spinach leaves. Distributed by the Kroger Co. Cincinnati, Ohio 45202  http://www.simpletruth.com PET recycling symbol

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