All dead

I wrote this new poem for/from Tommy Pico and Christine Blasey Ford

You wrote give

but I read grieve

I grieve


to every man

I meet—all

man eyes on

all streets, all suck

and slurp

and grieve

means cause

to hurt—you

grieve me

eyes of


eye world—

from heavy, how

your eye

down weighs

toward grave—she

grave speaks from

a dead place, burned

before the global

male eyeball on

fire for speaking

female for all

mouths held

closed by hands, the bone

and flesh on lips or just

the smother

hand invisible

from birth—she

said I feared

he’d kill me

by mistake—but she

all shes, all she

-hes, we

were born

all dead

on this

male earth

Spark for Arvo Part

I wrote a poem responding to the beautiful song “Summa” by the Estonian composer Arvo Part, and my pal Andrea Murray interviewed me about it for National Poetry Month on Portland’s All Classical.

Here’s the poem:


for Arvo Pärt


Ache or

lift up

If. If

of touch


Of ice

light broke.

As ache

one spark


And kept

it, love,

I kept

that leap

as shape

in shining dark.

About loss, and Prince

I made this poem about loss, and Prince.


On Loss



world span

rain. I mean

how the breath

can quit. It comes

and goes you don’t

believe it

stops. That mark

stays on

your face.

That face

that died

in your chest.

The limb—did

she think

of how

it looked? The toes

she once

could always

stare at. Pick.

She felt

its ghost

foot walking

Earth—which is

a missing

thought. The single

cell consuming

light becomes from

want—that force—

a Prince. His

mouth and eyes

his chest, the sound

he tears up

from in

side him—shriek

that tugs

my guts

from the soil

of fuck

and fight. Dance

that filled

my hips—the bone

bowl brimming

up. I felt

I—no. I never

felt your


mouth. I did.

It lit

me to

my core. I burned—

a wick

of want. I snuffed

it out

myself. That dark.

That’s loss.

The making of Dream Salon


Chris Ashby, creator of the new journal Dream Salon from Couch Press, took me through the steps of making the journal this afternoon at the sublime IPRC here in PDX. This is a sneak preview, people. Come and see this gorgeous publication at the release party Saturday, January 17, 7 p.m., at the also sublime Mother Foucault’s, 523 SE Morrison.

The massive paper cutter--a beautiful circa 19th century hunk of metal.

The massive paper cutter–a beautiful circa 19th century hunk of metal.


Perfect binding on the Bind-Fast 5

Pulling out the letter press plates for the cover.

Pulling out the letter press plates for the cover.

Cover plate

Cover plate

Folding covers

Folding covers

The brunettes take Philly


Amy Catanzano, Allison Cobb, Jena Osman


I’m thrilled to be reading at the Print Center in Philadelphia on Thursday, 3/13, 5:30 p.m., 1614 Latimer Street with Amy Catanzano and Jena Osman. The reading is in conjunction with the Demetrius Oliver exhibit there, which focuses on astronomy and physics. Poetry, physics, art. What else is there?