Ceiling dwellers

At the Alette in Oakland conference recently, I passed out small mirrors with a photo of Alice Notley glued to the back. I asked people to hold the mirror, reflective side up, under one eye and pretend they lived on the ceiling. The point of “ceiling dwelling” is to make the everyday world strange, to help cultivate the discipline of disobedience.

ceiling game

Here is Alice Notley holding an Alice Notley mirror under her eye.

notley ceiling game

I feel such gratitude to the Alette in Oakland organizers at the Bay Area Public School for making all kinds of amazing things happen that weekend.

Alice Notley

Every time I see Alice Notley read I want to leave my life and just follow her around.


Some Alice:

I don’t care about anything else. I want to see peacocks in my yard right now.

I am listening for something else. Not death but what she hears.

How can we disattach ourselves from those binding us to their use?

I would rain on you if I were rain. Hard.

I’m courting chaos in me.

I am leading you to language that restructures the universe.

We are making what we are. Just that.