plastic rocks


First we had the plastisphere, a new ecosystem of tiny plastic particles in the ocean colonized by bacteria.

Now we have, plastiglomerates, Frankenstein rocks incorporating plastic, found at Kamilo, the beach I wrote about here. (And photo by Jen Coleman above.)

I love the poetic comment at the end of this piece that future beings might find etched impressions of water bottles in fossils. Welcome to the Anthropocene, life.

Thanks Susan Schultz for the tip.

The secret was not inside the plastic

GE desire

Today by the miracle of interlibrary loan I received this GE publication from 1946, How Plastics Solved War Problems. It came encased in plastic.

GE case studies

It came all the way from Stillwater, Oklahoma.

GE plate

I had hoped that inside I would find out how the builders of the atomic bomb used Bakelite, the first synthetic plastic.


I did not find that secret inside, but a bee arrived.