the dog star, the dog, the car part

Q with car part

Quincy the dog makes his debut on Jacket2 in this blog by the poet Amy Cantanzano recapping our performance at the Philadelphia Print Center in conjunction with an exhibit by Demetrius Oliver focused on the dog star, Sirius.

I read from Plastic: an autobiography, which details, in part, my obsessive relationship with the car part, pictured (it’s the one on the left).

The brunettes take Philly


Amy Catanzano, Allison Cobb, Jena Osman


I’m thrilled to be reading at the Print Center in Philadelphia on Thursday, 3/13, 5:30 p.m., 1614 Latimer Street with Amy Catanzano and Jena Osman. The reading is in conjunction with the Demetrius Oliver exhibit there, which focuses on astronomy and physics. Poetry, physics, art. What else is there?