Recent publications and interviews, with deep gratitude to the editors, writers, and curators.

Interview with Nikki Barnhart for Maudlin House (October 2017)

Commentary on After We All Died for by Stephen Collis for Jacket 2 (August 2017)

Interview with Christy Davids for Jacket 2 (August 2017)

“You Want it Darker?” and “There is Rain in Me,” Boog Reader 10 (June 2017)

Commentary on After We All Died by Joshua Schuster for Jacket 2 (May 2017)

“Spark” for Arvo Part, Portland’s All Classical (April 2017)

“On Loss” for Prince special issue of The Delaware Poetry Review (April 2017)

Interview with Rob McLennan (February 2017)

“A Nasty  Woman Has a Vision” Brooklyn Rail (December 2016)

Three poems in Across the Margin (July 2016)

“Drone poem” for CAConrad,  Tripwire 10 (March 2016)

“Nature poem” and “Family Tree,” Picture Sentence (Winter 2016)

“I heart,” Dreamboat (August 2015)

Interview about Plastic: an autobiography at Essay Daily with Maria Anderson (September 2015)

Excerpt from Plastic: an autobiography published by Essay Press (September 2015)

Four poems in The Brooklyn Rail (May 2015)

Three poems in Across the Margin (May 2015)

“I made this” in Elderly magazine (May 2015)

“Life, Death and Other Investigations,” a collaborative essay with Kaia Sand, published in Tracking, Teaching: On Documentary Poetics by Essay Press (April 2015)

You were born” in Talisman #43 (January 2015)

Excerpts from Plastic: an autobiography in Talisman #43 (January 2015)

“Ark,” “Dear corporate,” and “Sentences. August 6” appeared in Dream Salon (January 2015)

“What the business man said” at the Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day (December 2014)

“Poem of force” in Capitalism, Nature, Socialism (September 2014)

Heart’s Desire reading series video recording, Oakland, East Bay Poetry Summit (July 5, 2014)

“White Whale” Aufgabe 13 (Summer 2014)

What is public space?” Project Cityscope (August 2014)

The Lives,” words in place collaboration with artist Daniela Molnar (July 2014)

GarbageThe Volta (January 2014)

“Desire” C-L Newsletter (December 2013)

13 Ways of Looking at A Circle,” Talisman: A Journal of Contemporary Poetry (January 2013)

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