6-5-14 desire

Allison Cobb is the author of Born2 (Chax Press) about her hometown of Los Alamos, New Mexico, and Green-Wood (Factory School) about a famous nineteenth-century cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. The New York Times called Green-Wood “a gorgeous, subtle, idiosyncratic gem.”  Her book After we all died is forthcoming in 2016 from Ahsahta Press. She works for the Environmental Defense Fund and lives in Portland, Oregon.

“In her most recent book, Green-wood, Allison Cobb takes on the ambitious task of thinking through the role that the natural world plays in our national political imaginary. In an attempt to work through the aftermath of 9-11, Cobb takes to visiting the Green-wood cemetery in Brooklyn, a site that becomes for her a reckoning both with the 19th century mores embedded in the design and management of the landscape, and with our long national history of antagonism toward both human and non-human others. Though structured as a lyric essay–that is to say, associatively–the book is a rigorously researched account of the cemetery and its evolution over a century, and a deeply moving examination of the role of mourning in our politics and our private lives.” — Brian Teare